4 Celebrities Who Live Surprisingly Frugal Lives

At the peak of their fame, celebrities make millions of dollars per project. With all of that money rolling in, they can’t possibly have a care in the world. They can buy whatever they want whenever they want, handing over a credit card and having a financial manager handle the bills.

But celebrities aren’t all that different from us. Many of them are all too aware that as fast as fame can come, it can disappear. Even though some of them have been in the limelight for decades, they still find ways to pinch pennies. Here are some ways top stars prove frugality isn’t limited to the middle and lower classes.

scissors with coupons

Coupon Clipping

She may be the voice of one of the highest-grossing films of all time, but actress Kristen Bell doesn’t spend more than she has to on groceries. The new mom, who has previously talked about her penchant for coupon clipping, will likely be able to put her savings savvy to use on buying diapers and baby food in the coming months. But Bell’s favorite coupons are the ones that come from Bed Bath & Beyond, which promise such great savings, she sometimes steals them from her neighbors’ mailboxes.

kristen bell coupon clipping

Tiny Home Living

He may play the son of wealthy parents on Mad Men, but actor Vincent Kartheiser once lived in a 580 square foot cabin in Hollywood. Kartheiser enjoyed being creative with the small space, working with designer and builder Funn Roberts to find a way to make the most of each square foot. He put the tiny home up for sale in 2014 in order to find a slightly larger place to accommodate himself and his new wife Alexis Bledel.

alexis bedel small house

Smart Budgeting

It’s probably no surprise that Zooey Deschanel enjoys scouring thrift shops for new items to add to her wardrobe. It may be surprising, however, to learn that she lives on only a small fraction of her monthly salary. During her 2012 divorce, the actress’s budget smarts were revealed in paperwork that showed she owns two businesses, bringing her $95,000 each month in income. Of that earnings, Deschanel spends only 30 percent.

zooey deschanel

Browsing Sales Racks

Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress and former Bond girl, Halle Berry still isn’t confident her career will keep going. In 2006, Berry admitted that one of her biggest fears is that one day she could lose everything. “I save a lot because I’m always worried about when this trip is going to stop,” the actress said. In addition to avoiding blowing her hard-earned money on fancy cars and flashy jewelry, Berry has admitted to frequenting sales racks and looking for great deals. Like many frugal celebrities, Berry grew up watching her mom struggle to raise her kids as a single mom.

halle berry

These frugal stars show that not everyone lives the lifestyles we see on shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even celebrities with millions of dollars in the bank fear the money could someday stop rolling in and as a result, they do what they can to set money aside in case that happens.